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[] Share file segments using XML-like tags such as <share>text to be shared</share>.

[] Share specific segments of java files ny marking them using @sharpster.<role> javadoc tags.

[] Default sharing of documentation using the "doc" role

Imagine sharing small parts of your CVS or Subversion repository without redefining the module system for this specific purpose. Like sending an email to a friend just to have her/him look at a small part, but still retain the power of version handling systems for editing. Sounds interesting? In that case, you need Sharpster!


Sharpster should be a simple, easy tool for sharing segments of files. A straightforward means of process-based group work, enabling us to limit what we share with different people in a larger community as a natural part of working with files. Sharpsters functionality should be available on many different platforms, eventually integrated into existing software environments.

Current implementations

The most recent version of Sharpster is the 3.0 version from Bitcargo. This release includes the Sharpster server part and the Sharpster client, an application for communicating with the server.

Part of Sharpster is also available as a plugin to the SDK Eclipse as a first step of integrating Sharpsters functionality into existing environments. The plugin is called SharpDevil and the most current version is 1.0.