This guide will help you install Sharpster.


In order to use Sharpster, you need to have the following programs installed on your computer:

Sun Microsystems JRE 1.5.0

Sharpster needs a Java Runtime Environment to be executed since it is written in Java code. Sun Microsystems JRE 1.5.0 is free (as in beer) to download from their webpage

SCM system

Sharpster needs an installed SCM system installed to work properly. On the server-side a regular CVS or Subversion repository is required.

CVS version 1.11.20 is free and you can download it from Documentation on how to setup a CVS repository can be found at Sharpster supports only pserver as transfer protocol for CVS since extssh requires interactive submit of username and password.

Subversion 1.20 and documentation on how to setup a Subversion repository can be found at Please note that if the server uses SSL certificate it is required to manually approve the certificate permanently before using Sharpster. This is done by running manually running checkout on Subversion to the server. The user will be asked if he accepts the certificate to which he should answer P (as in Permanent).

Installation of Sharpster

With the required software installed you are now ready to install Sharpster. Download and unpack to desired directory from

Environment variables

In order to be able to run Sharpster from any given directory it is necessary to set two environment variables.


% setenv SHARPSTER_HOME <path to Sharpsters directory>

For Windows XP:

> SET SHARPSTER_HOME=<path to Sharpsters directory>

It's important that your path variables also points to your SCM-system and your Java directory to be able to run Sharpster.