JavaRole, General

General Plug-in

The General plug-in works with XML like tags in text files for its extraction of file segments. An example: In this text file, the sentence "fluffy red rabbit" should be shared.

Once upon a time in a great, great forest, there lived a rabbit. The rabbit was a <share>fluffy red rabbit</share>, and it was quite proud of its soft and colourful fur.

Here, the word "share" is used as a sharing keyword that Sharpster use to identify segments in the file. Only the letters between these brackets will be shared.

JavaRole Plug-in

The JavaRole plugin enables advanced sharing of java-files using the Javadoc documentation structure to define sharing patters in the form of roles. For instance, the default role, "doc", will check out and commit only doc-comments and signatures of shared java source files.

Specification of segments is defined by writing custom Javadoc @tags, @sharpster.<role>, in the Javadoc comments for components. As an example, use to define methods that should be reviewed.

Notice that the JavaRole plugin relies only on Javadoc @sharpster.<role> tags as in doc-comments to define share segments.

% sharpster checkout --file <file> --user <user> --role <role>

To acquire files.

<role> is either "doc" or the name of a role from @sharpster.<role> tags in Javadoc doc-comment.

% sharpster commit --file <file> --user <user> --role <role>

To commit a segment of a file